Фотограф в Болгарии Екатерина Зубкова


My name is Ekaterina, I am a photographer with 10 years of experience.

I shot in Volgograd, Crimea, St. Petersburg, now I live in Burgas and I am shooting in Bulgaria. In front of my lens, there are people from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, Germany, England, Holland, Italy, Romania and even Australia. I photographed individual portraits and weddings for 200 people, cake ads and jewelry, start-up entrepreneurs and international corporations, I can’t list everything.

But most of all I love the psychological aspect of the shooting. The most valuable thing for me is when you enjoy the process and like yourself at the photo. With me, you will feel at ease, this is most often written in feedback about my work. I try to capture pure colors and emotions, because they always in trend. Choose a comfortable shooting style, be yourself. And I will always support your ideas, advise you, help with the preparation.

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+359 89 730 3691

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